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Just getting started!….

January 28, 2010

Well, this will be my first UPDATE, or whatever i shall call it. My great friend and I are starting this and actually shes the smart one that set this up. So as this is my FIRST time on here, im trying my best. We will consider this a learning process…. Until I am a master Blogger,… or hope to be some-day!

So i suppose i will start by simply updating how my day went. Yesterday was my 30th birthday, so i guess that makes today my first full day, being thirty. So far, so good. :)So with this new time in my life, and trying to do better things for myself. My Dearest, friend and I have started a bet. NO SUGAR FOR SIX MONTHS!!! Mmmmm which has actually become a LOT more difficult than we originally thought. So we have slightly changed that bet… *grin* to be LIMITED SUGAR FOR SIX MONTHS. Meaning no OBVIOUS, bad stuff… Cake, cupcakes, cookies, candy, ect and only ONE can of diet soda a day… to also help iliminate soda pops. Anyways I will try to continue to update you. And meanwhile I think i will mess around with this program.



January 25, 2010

keep your pants on!

i’ll be posting soon!